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Dust Free High Fibre Haylage
Dust Free
Quality Haylage From Quality Grass
J & R Tremain have been Farming at Downe Court Farm for over five generations.
The Farm is situated on the North Downs in north west kent, close to Biggin Hill.

The farm now specialises in high quality Forage and Haylage production in the form of MainBale Haylage.

We started producing mini wrapped bales of Haylage on a small scale back in the late 1990's.
Year on year demand grew, our production slowly increased untill we decided to brand our haylage in the form of MainBale Haylage around the year 2000.

Haylage production is the principle enterprise on our farm.
We have built up extensive knowledge and expertise over the years.
We now produce what we consider to be an excellent, consistent quality product.

We constantly strive to ensure the highest standards throughout the entire production process.
As our motto reads, " we sow it, grow it and mow it ".

This total level of production control from grass seed selection through to packaging and delivery ensure our customers the best haylage possible.

Mother nature sometimes makes life interesting and challenging for all of us, haylage production is no exception.
But we always try our best.
As well as our principle brand MainBale Haylage, we also supply our haylage to several large animal feed retailers in their own label packaging.
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Own Label Packaging