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Dust Free High Fibre Haylage
Dust Free
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Typical values of MainBale Haylage
Digestible Energy is a vital factor in forage Analysis.
It relates to the age of the grass, as the grass grows and matures it becomes more coarse and lower in energy.
A typical energy range for Low energy Haylage is between 7 10 MJ / kg DM.
Dry matter is the dry proportion of the Haylage in which the nutrients are stored.
Haylage is normally between 60 65% DM
Dry Matter 58.1%

Digestible Energy 7.9mj/kg

Fibre 39.8%

Crude Protein 8.3%

PH 6.1
Typical Analysis
The Fibre level indicates the age of the grass at cutting.
As the grass matures the fibre levels increase, the optimum fibre level for a High Fibre Haylage should range between 35 40 %.
As with energy levels, the protein content of the grass reduces as the grass becomes more mature. Protein levels for Low protein Haylage should range between 7 10%.
PH measures the acidity of the Haylage. As the Haylage is sealed in airtight conditions, natural fermentation takes place which produces lactic acid. This acid acts to preserve the Haylage. The optimum PH should range From 4 6. A low PH number indicates that the Haylage has been well preserved.
Sugar level 4%