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Dust Free High Fibre Haylage
Dust Free
Quality Haylage From Quality Grass
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Why use MainBale High Fibre Haylage ?
•It is dust free
•Helps to maintain a healthy respiratory system in horses
•Prevents expensive vet bills caused by feeding hay that is dusty or mouldy
•No need to soak
•Is of guaranteed quality
•More nutritious than hay, hard feed quantities can be reduced
•Is suitable for single horse owners
•Can be purchased as required, rather than in bulk at the start of the winter, thus easing cash-flow through the feeding period
•Is clean and convenient to handle, can be collected in the family car without the need to spend hours with the vacuum cleaner afterwards.
•MainBale Haylage is ideal for customers who can't handle the large size of "Big bales" that are available. Very often these large bales spoil before they are consumed, resulting in expensive waste.
•Each MainBale Haylage bale can be easily moved by hand, once opened the bale can be completely consumed before it has a chance to deteriorate.
•Individual customers can keep track of their own Haylage in a large livery yard.
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